Calvin Harris ft Ellie Goulding – I Need Your Love

Wow! So this video has been up for a while & originally I didn’t write a blog post about it (for god knows why)… haha

I have been on the road with a friends band (my engineer, Chris Shaw’s band) House Vs Hurricane for the past few weeks on their ’40 Deep Tour’.. Which is why I haven’t uploaded a new song lately…
But the reason for me saying this is because, while I was away, I kept waking up each morning to new emails from YouTube, saying ‘New Subscriber’ or ‘New Comment’… I noticed that my cover of ‘I Need Your Love’ by Ellie Goulding & Calvin Harris has been gaining so much traction & the response to it has been so humbling & amazing!

I wanted to write in here about this song because as much as the original song is very dancey & pop, I feel like the lyrics have so much meaning & are so beautiful!

I really love the bridge when it says;
‘All the years, all the times, you have never been to blame. (and now my heart eyes are open & now my heart is closing) all the tears, all the lies, all the waste, but I’ve been trying to make a change’

I feel like that is so powerful & when I was recording that myself, I felt like it had to cut through so strong, which is why I’m basically yelling the second half.

Whats your favourite part of this song?

The audio for this song was recorded by Chris Shaw in Melbourne, Australia
& the video was filmed in the backyard of our own house in Melbourne, by my housemate (who is a very talented photographer) Wade Fletcher.
& edited by myself.

As I finish up this post, I’d like to thank everyone who has watched it & left a comment, be it from Lithuania, Germany or anywhere else that you have mentioned.. I’m so blown away by the fact that people all over the world are hearing my music & I cant wait to make more songs (originals & covers) for you to hear & give me feedback on!

Leave some comments on here & I will definitely get back to you as soon as I see them (and i definitely do read all comments & feedback)


Labrinth ft Emeli Sande – Beneath Your Beautiful

The way this song came about is… I approached a girl I had seen live a few times with her old band ‘We Rob Banks’ about working together in the future.. Nothing eventuated, but then I asked Rebecca Hammond, now of ‘The Little Fox’ to be apart of this song with me & straight away it just worked so well! We first got together in the studio, she knew exactly what she wanted to do & what she wanted to get out of this song & I learned a lot from her about working collaborations. I couldn’t have asked for a better partner to kick off my ‘collabs’ with.

Beneath Your Beautiful is obviously a great song by Labrinth & Emeli Sande & also some people might not know but was also written by Mike Posner.

My favourite line in this song is ‘Behind your broadway show, I heard a voice say please don’t hurt me’ – its so powerful & so open for personal interpretation. Amazing

I would love to get your thoughts on this song & some others too! Do you think there is a song that I would be perfect for? I’d love to take some requests & try to work on some other peoples input & ideas!

Please do yourself a favour & search ‘The Little Fox’ on Facebook & on YouTube, she deserves all the success in the world & I cannot believe she isn’t a superstar already!

Phillip Phillips – Home

Originally I first heard this song on the radio & had to turn the stereo up so I could really hear the guts of the song. I loved every part of it & the fact that the whole chorus is ooo’s & aaa’s but the whole song meaning comes out through the verses, to me, is musically incredible!

I’d love to know other people’s opinions on how they feel about this song? Does it capture you like it did with me? The feeling of ‘coming home’ is the most amazing feeling I believe & this song really describes the beauty in having a soul mate to come home too..

I recorded this song with Chris Shaw, of House Vs Hurricane in Melbourne Australia & the video was shot by my housemate Alex Warneke & edited by myself, just near my house at the beach in Williamstown, Victoria, Australia.

Do you have any requests for which songs you would like me to do? I love peoples opinions & requests & will definitely try to get them done for you if you ask :)

But, that’s all from me for this one, remember to say Hi to your family for me!

Josh Burgan

The Corrs – Runaway

I was around 13 or 14 years old when I think I first ever heard The Corrs. My sister or Mom was playing it around the house & I actually think I hated it. It took me a while before i woke up to my idiocy & realized how great they actually were..

I covered ‘Runaway’ a couple of times at acoustic shows with my old band ‘The Miracle Is Now’ & it was always received really well with the audiences, I think possibly because it was such an unexpected song for me to play.

But alas, here we are, I have laid down a few more songs to release & this is the first of the new batch! Runaway By The Corrs!!

Audio engineered & Produced by Chris Shaw
Produced & Video Production by myself, Josh Burgan.

“Runaway” – The Corrs (Josh Burgan Cover) – Click here to view

Justin Bieber – Beauty And A Beat

I’m sitting here wondering if there is anybody who doesn’t know who Justin Bieber is? But that is completely off topic! I have done an acoustic cover of his song, Beauty and a Beat!

I came home a couple of months ago and had the amazing idea to do acoustic covers on YouTube of pop songs, this idea stemmed from me driving with Beauty and a Beat blasting in the car with me singing along.. so I came home, told my housemates & made a video in my garage that afternoon! After some deliberation, I decided I didn’t want to rush it or do it ‘half-assed’, so I didn’t upload it.

But here I am now, a couple months later, writing this blog post on my very own having 2 songs online now & recording 4 more songs in a few days & feeling pretty awesome about it! So now you know the reason behind why I chose this song, because it gave me this whole idea!!

Again (like the Chris Brown song), I recorded the song with House Vs Hurricane guitarist, Chris Shaw in the Melbourne suburbs & the video was shot (by myself) at Aesthetic Studios in Essendon.

My favourite shot in this particular video is the very last word before it goes into the guitar ending when I say, ’cause’ & the camera focuses on the mic & then on me… (yep, i did that by myself while singing) hahaha

Okay, Go have a watch! :)

Beauty & A Beat – Justin Bieber (Josh Burgan Cover) – Click Here To View

Chris Brown – Don’t Wake Me Up

So this is my first official blog post, & it is to let you know about my cover of Chris Brown – Don’t Wake Me Up (which is LIVE on YouTube now) & also as to why I chose this song to start off with.

First up, I really enjoy lots of CB songs because of the pure catchiness & party vibe he has & brings to all his songs! DWMU in particular has that party vibe but also that ‘emotional’ side to it as well.. so I feel like I could really connect on a few levels with this song!

I recorded this song with a really good friend of mine ‘Chris Shaw’ from a heavy band in Melbourne called ‘House Vs Hurricane’. He absolutely kills it & no doubt, he’ll be doing many many more of recordings for my covers! We had so much fun, goofing around & being idiots while recording it!

The video aspect of it was filmed at a beautiful rehearsal studio in Essendon, Victoria (25 mins out of Melbourne) called Aesthetic Studios. I have jammed & practiced there for years & am very good mates with the owner, Alex & if you are needing a place to practice in Melbourne, i HIGHLY recommend it!

and lastly, I can’t forget the last person who was a real help to making this video happen, Mr Alex Warneke, who features at the very start of the video in the timelapse part. He is my housemate & from the very first moment I mentioned I wanted to do this, he supported me every step & had my back the whole way! What a legend!

Okay, so now, you can watch the video and laugh your ass off at me! cos i’ll be laughing too! :)

Click this link below to view the video! :)



A New Beginning!

Josh here, I just wanted to write this first post to say hi, let you know that I am going to be actively posting new videos on YouTube with covers, originals & collaborations!

I am super excited about this chapter in my life & I hope you enjoy the music I am making/covering!

First song will be up in the next 24 hours!

Much love